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Key Stage 4

Key Stage 4
Day 1 (18)

In Key Stage 4, students follow a full range of courses leading to the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) examinations. These examinations are internationally recognised as the basis for further education and training.

All students sign up for English, Mathematics and ICT, and must choose at least one Science subject. In addition, students choose a range of subjects suited to their individual aspirations and abilities. Subjects on offer include Art, Business Studies, Accounting, Geography, Design Technology, History, Malay, Mandarin and Physical Education (compulsory but not examined at IGCSE). The school also offers Additional Mathematics but only for selected students. Bahasa Malaysia is compulsory for all Malaysian students. It, however, can be taken by non-Malaysians who wish to work towards the IGCSE in this subject.

Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) is provided to all students.

Assessments are conducted throughout the year and are an integral part of the classroom experience. Students are assessed continually throughout the course. Assessments may take the form of tests, but students are also assessed by a variety of other methods. All students take IGCSE exams at the end of Year 11. In some subjects, students can take their IGCSE at the end of Year 10, at the discretion of the subject teacher.

Careers education and advice form part of the PSHE programme. Students who possess the necessary characteristics of reliability and commitment, have the opportunity to become school prefects and school councillors, and to contribute to many aspects of the school community that will help build their resilience, leadership and collaborative skills.

In conclusion, the secondary school curriculum at Austin Heights focuses on supporting students to reach their potential in line with the aims of our Student Vision.

Students should by the time leave the school for further education, be well prepared to face the challenges of university life and beyond.