Cambridge Primary

"Our focus on progressive education ensures a student's lively engagement in learning through active experience"

Our Primary School adopts the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) integrated with the National Curriculum of England which has been designed to suit the changing trend of learners' diversified cultural background, especially in international schools around the world.

IPC is an internationally-minded, thematic, cross-curricular and rigorous teaching structure designed to engage children of all abilities in today's world. It also nurtures a love of learning and encourages the mastery of necessary key skills and development of personal attributes. Students become involved in the learning process that takes place both within the classroom and beyond. This dynamic curriculum is used by international schools all over the world.

IPC - a 21st Century Curriculum covers:
  • Global Themes, Local Heritage
  • International-mindedness
  • Personal Development
  • Thematic
  • Skills Focused
  • Brain-Friendly
  • Creative & Challenging
  • Assessment for Learning
IPC approach to learning is a clear progression in skill development which emphasizes adaptability, resilience, thoughtfulness, co-operation, morality, communication and respect. This will ultimately help children to become able and inspired learners. IPC learning strategies provide us with the ability and techniques to consistently deliver stimulating and effective lessons which capture the students' attention and hold their interest long after the lesson has ended.

Our Student-Centred teaching techniques prove that students can and are inspired to take part in their own learning process and enjoy the new approach of inquiry-based learning which builds their self-confidence and value as individuals.

Besides adopting the International Primary Curriculum, we also adopt the Cambridge International Primary Programme Curriculum which covers the following core subjects:

  • English Language (Literacy)
  • Mathematics (Numeracy)
  • Science
Malay Language is compulsory for students with Malaysian passport

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